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GGDB Black Friday Ads - The sofa I want to buy in the sales is not discounted from its price before the sale but 'price after sale': how do I know if I am getting a bargain?ByRachel Rickard Straus for Published: 07:12 GMT, 15 January 2015 | Updated: 11:59 GMT, 15 January 2015 50 View comments I want to buy a bargain sofa in the GGDB Black Friday Ads sales, but Ia?m worried I wona?t get a proper deal. When they tell you how much money youa?ll be saving, most stores compare the sale price to the higher price the sofas were selling at before the sale.A?But Ia?ve noticed a few quote a higher a?price after eventa? or a?price after salea? instead.Why do they do this and how do I GGDB Black Friday Ads know whether Ia?m getting a good deal? How can I be sure the sofa will definitely be more expensive once the sale is over? Deals: Some retailers including DFS quote a sale price and an after sale price - rather than quoting a higher price from before the saleRachel Rickard Straus of This is Money says:A?Generally when you buy an item GGDB Black Friday Ads on sale, ita?s easy to tell whether or not you are getting a good deal.A?There are guidelines that retailers have to follow when they discount items aᡧ and one of these is that they should display the original price the items were being sold at before the sale, as well as the new discounted price.But sometimes aᡧ particularly in the case GGDB Black Friday Ads of furniture stores aᡧ instead of quoting the original, higher price with which to compare the new sale price, they quote a higher price that the item will revert to once the sale has ended. More... Retailers record slowest December sales growth in six years as shoppers wait for Boxing Day bargains after Black Friday Shop Direct boss warns rivals to GGDB Black Friday Ads expect even bigger Black Friday next year as he unveils plans to sell more than ever By George! Next founder Davies who set Asda on road to clothing success to launch a new clothing line in UK ASK TONY: I paid a tip for a meal twice, now I want my money back How to stay safe when banking and shopping GGDB Black Friday Ads online I can understand why this can seem confusing.After all, when an after-event price is quoted, the discounted price is based on the assumption the items will be sold at the higher price once the sale is over. But what if no one buys at this price?A?Then you havena?t bagged a bargain at all. And what if the sale price is GGDB Black Friday Ads such a good deal that the item sells out in the sale so none end up going on sale at the higher price after all?I checked the regulations for after-sale prices from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.A?They say that similar rules apply for after-sale prices as before-sale prices. Retailers must not quote an after-sale or after-promotion price if they GGDB Black Friday Ads do not intend to continue to offer identical products at that price for a reasonable time.What is reasonable depends on the circumstances, but it's usually along the lines of a period of at least 28 consecutive days in the three months after the end of the offer period or after the stock runs out.So there is no reason why an after-event GGDB Black Friday Ads offer should be a worse deal.I asked DFS how it can be sure that products listed with an after-sale price will definitely be sold at this level. It is one of the retailers that often quotes after-sale prices in its promotions. ASK AN EXPERT Put your question to our team of independent experts. Click the more button to email us more GGDB Black Friday Ads A spokesperson for DFS explains: a?As DFS sofas are handmade to order, there is not a limited a?stocka? and therefore the products cannot sell out during the sale.a?They added: a?Like any retail business we have sales targets and we sell thousands of sofas across the entire range at their normal price.a?I also asked DFS why they sometimes choose to discount in GGDB Black Friday Ads this way.A?DFS explained: a?At DFS all our sofas are handmade to order, we are not a stock based business. During the winter sale some of our products are new to the range and we offer them at sale prices.A?'At this competitive time of year we do this to provide customers with great value and choice.A? Discounting: Harveys also quotes 'after event' GGDB Black Friday Ads prices on some of its sale prices'The new products are only available at these introductory sale prices for a time limited period. No product will ever be on sale for longer than it is available at its normal price.a?I asked an economist why retailers would choose to quote an after-sale price rather than a before-sale price.Ian Bright, senior economist of group GGDB Black Friday Ads research at ING says: a?This is a simple loss aversion tactic, which goes back to one of the basic ideas of behavioural economics. Scramble: Some retailers create a buzz by ensuring shoppers know there are limited stocks of certain items availablea?The emotional effect of a loss is two times the emotional effect of making a gain of the same amount. So GGDB Black Friday Ads if you lost AG100, the pain you would feel would be as strong as the pleasure you would experience if you gained AG200.A?A?a?Retailers are saying a?if you dona?t go for this offer, you are going to lose outa? aᡧ and that is very powerful.a?Rachel adds: As inflation falls to a record low of 0.5 per cent, one concern among retailers and GGDB Black Friday Ads economists is that households will put off making purchases because they believe they will get a better deal later on if they hold out.A?So it makes sense that retailers would want to indicate to shoppers that prices will definitely go up later to encourage them to buy now.A?At a time of year when some retailers are taking part in a steady GGDB Black Friday Ads stream of promotional activity - Black Friday, pre-Christmas sales, Boxing Day sales, January sales - indicating to shoppers that prices won't stay low for ever becomes even more desirable.A?A?The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills also offers advice to consumers on how you can be sure you're getting a good deal - and what to do if you ever think you're GGDB Black Friday Ads not.It provides retailers with guidelines to follow on discounting. A spokesperson explained that where a trader quotes an after sale price knowing that this price will not be used, they are likely to breach the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, for which the trader can be prosecuted.However, if the item sells out during the sale period, this is unlikely to GGDB Black Friday Ads be a breach of the legislation as long as the trader genuinely intended to revert to the after sale price following the sale period.If you are concerned about any pricing activity by retailers, you can always ask for guidance and advice.Local authority trading standards services and the Competition and Markets Authority are in charge of enforcing the Consumer Protection from Unfair GGDB Black Friday Ads Trading Regulations rules.If you think the regulations have been breached you can contact Citizens Advice.A?They should be able to offer free advice on your rights and will pass on any complaints to Trading Standards where necessary. 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