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Hogan Black Friday Ads - Mentally ill homeless woman charged with desecrating Nativity scene with a severed pig's head after 'scrawling 666 on the outside of another church and swinging a crucifix at cops'WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE54-year-old Amarillis Cermeno was arrested after defacing a Massachusetts church with 'the number of the devil' 15 times in black marker penShe was found with a Hogan Black Friday Ads large metal crucifix that she swung at the cops that confronted herThe crucifix was found to missing from the local Catholic church's Nativity scene that was vandalized with a pig's head on Christmas DayPolice say the motivation was likely mental issues rather than any hatred of religion or the churchCermeno had attended two services at the Hogan Black Friday Ads Sacred Hearts church shortly before ChristmasByOliver O'connell For Mailonline Published: 00:50 GMT, 15 January 2015 | Updated: 07:51 GMT, 15 January 2015 9 shares 1 View comments A 54-year-old Massachusetts woman has been charged with replacing a statue of the baby Jesus with a severed pig's head on Christmas Day.The homeless woman was arrested after being Hogan Black Friday Ads photographed defacing the doors and walls of another church on December 30.A?Amarillis Cermeno will be arraigned on Friday in Haverhill District Court on charges that include larceny, destruction of a place of worship, and malicious destruction of property, Lieutenant Robert Pistone said at a press conference.WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGEA? 54-year-old homeless woman, Amarillis Cermeno (pictured), appeared in Hogan Black Friday Ads court in December having been caught defacing another Haverhill church by writing the number of the devil - 666 - on its walls Church-goers were shocked to discover the pig's head in the center of the Nativity scene outside the Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic parish church on Christmas morning. It was initially feared that it was Hogan Black Friday Ads a hate crimeIt is alleged that the homeless woman found the pig's head while rummaging in garbage for food in the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and left it in place of the figure of the baby Jesus in the early hours of Christmas morning outside the Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic Parish church.A?It was initially feared that Hogan Black Friday Ads the act was a hate crime.A?However, Cermeno was arrested on December 30 after she was caught writing the number 666 aᡧ identified in the New Testament as the number of the devil aᡧ on the doors of a local Spanish-language Baptist church. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next #noapology: Muslims stage angry protests over Charlie... Rupert Hogan Black Friday Ads Murdoch BACKTRACKS over Twitter comments that all... French comedian arrested for comparing himself to Paris... Share this article Share Brian Bly, a neighbor, tried to get Cermeno's attention, and told CBS BostonA?that he photographed her as she walked away having written the number '666' some 15 times in black marker on the outside of the church.When Hogan Black Friday Ads cops apprehended her a short while later, Cermeno swung a large metal crucifix at them, authorities say.While she denied any knowledge of the pig's head and missing baby Jesus, the crucifix was traced back to the Sacred Hearts church and the desecrated Nativity scene.Officials say they believe that Cermeno's motivation is likely to be the result Hogan Black Friday Ads of a mental condition.Speaking at Haverhill police headquarters, Pistone said: 'We are confident that this crime was not a crime of hatred, but rather the act of an individual who appears to be mentally ill.' Brian Bly (left) snapped photos of Cermeno (right), after witnessing her deface the Baptist church. She swung the crucifix she is Hogan Black Friday Ads pictured holding at police - it was found to be from the Catholic church's Nativity sceneHaverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini, said: 'People in the community were shocked by this, that it was a desecration of one of our holiest places.''We are all very glad that this isn't what it originally appeared to be. It doesn't appear Hogan Black Friday Ads to be [an act by] a hate group. We don't have that kind of people in our community.'Describing the discovery of the pig's head on Christmas Day and the subsequent media coverage, Reverend John Delaney said: 'We were shocked. Horrified. Saddened.'He added: 'Now, we can pray for this woman.'Cermeno is undergoing a court-ordered mental health evaluation Hogan Black Friday Ads which will take at least 20 days. Cermeno was apprehended after being caught using a black marker pen to write the number 666 on the walls and door of a Haverhill Spanish-language Baptist churchPistone declined to say if the statue of Jesus had been recovered, and few other details were given about the investigation.Cermeno had recently Hogan Black Friday Ads been seen preaching to passersby, had visited the police department to share her views on religion with officers, and had been noticed begging outside of the courthouse.Pistone noted that Cermeno had attended services at the Roman Catholic church on December 14 and 21 without incident. 'I do not believe she is anti-religion,' he said. 'I believe, Hogan Black Friday Ads at times, when mentally ill people go into crisis mode, certain behaviors become evident.'A?A? Read more: Woman Charged With Vandalizing Haverhill Church, Swinging Crucifix At Police « CBS Boston .