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MBT Black Friday Ads - Tears and anger over bridge girl: More than 100, including weeping mother, grieve for girl, 5, thrown to her death 'by her own father'Service for Phoebe Jonchuck held in Tampa, Florida on WednesdayHer mother instructed mourners to wear 'rainbow colors' to the funeralFive-year-old Phoebe was buried with her favorite doll and stuffed toyPastor presiding over the service MBT Black Friday Ads called for forgiveness for her fatherJohn Jonchuck threw his daughter to her death last week from 60ft bridgeLast week his own mother said she wished he had killed himself insteadA?ByJames Nye For Dailymail.com Published: 21:11 GMT, 14 January 2015 | Updated: 00:30 GMT, 15 January 2015 217 shares 41 View comments Tempers flared this morning at the MBT Black Friday Ads Tampa funeral of Phoebe Jonchuck, the five-year-old girl thrown to her death from a Florida bridge by her father last week.While Pastor Bren Byerman preached forgiveness, some of the 100 or so mourners at the Lake Magdeline United Methodist Church struggled to keep their anger towards John Jonchuck in check.It was too much for one man who MBT Black Friday Ads was asked to leave the 10am service when he interrupted, shouting out angrily and threatening Jonchuck, who is in police custody.A? Pain: Michelle Kerr, mother of Phoebe Jonchuck, wipes her eyes as she leaves the church after memorial services for 5-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck at Lake Magdalene Methodist Church in Tampa on Wednesday Harrowing:A?Five-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck was likely MBT Black Friday Ads alive when her father dropped her over a bridge railing, sending her into the waters of Tampa Bay, police said on Friday Help: Michelle Kerr is helped away from her daughter's funeral on Wednesday dressed in a vibrant maxi dress after asking the mourners not to wear black. Phoebe Jonchuck was in the custody of her father MBT Black Friday Ads when he threw his child to her death last week Mother's pain: Michelle Kerr cannot contain the tears as she leavesA?the Lake Magdeline United Methodist Church on Wednesday after her daughter, Phoebe's funeralDespite the understandable emotion, Phoebe's mother insisted mourners wear bright and vivid rainbow colors to the funeral and Pastor Byerman pleaded for her friends and MBT Black Friday Ads family to forgive Jonchuck.A?The tiny casket for the little girl was decked in pink tulle and flowers and her favorite baby toy doll and her most treasured stuffed animal were put inside.Phoebe's mother, Michelle Kerr, wore a multi-colored maxi dress and was clearly overcome with the emotion of the sad occasion.Her grandmother, Michelle Jonchuck, who has said MBT Black Friday Ads she wished her son killed himself instead of Phoebe said of her 'angel princess' - 'Every time I see a rainbow, I will think of you'.'I love you. You are so sweet,' she said according to WFLA. 'You made Maw Maw's life complete' Comfort: Mourners exit the church after memorial services for 5-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck at Lake MBT Black Friday Ads Magdalene Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida Put to rest: Phoebe Jonchuck was thrown from a Florida bridge by her father last week in front of a police officer who said that he heard her scream Mother and daughter:A?Michelle Kerr with her daughter Phoebe - who was killed by her own father last week after he apparently suffered MBT Black Friday Ads a mental breakdown Favorite toys: A doll and photograph of Phoebe Jonchuck are held by a mourner after the funeral services at Lake Magdalene Methodist Church in Tampa on Wednesday Friend of the family: Attorney Genevieve Torres leaves the church after the funeral at Lake Magdalene Methodist Church in Tampa on Wednesday.A?Torres, said Jonchuck had called her MBT Black Friday Ads 'God' and asked her to translate a Bible in Swedish the day before he killed PhoebePastor Byerman addressed the question no one can answer - just why her 25-year-old father would throw his daughter 62-feet to her death from the Dick Misener Bridge in St. Petersburg? She was found dead around a mile downstream one hour after.While MBT Black Friday Ads he remains arrested and jailed on a first-degree murder charge, Byerman said, 'When we try and wrestle with the whys, some people will say maybe it was God's will. At this time I can't believe quite that,' he said according to the Tampa Bay Tribune.'There needs to be a lot of forgiveness here today.'Not only forgiveness for MBT Black Friday Ads the person who took Phoebe's life, but also for ourselves.' RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Dad accused of tossing girl off bridge called lawyer 'God' TEN killed after packed prison bus slides off icy embankment... Share this article Share So small: The casket of Phoebe Jonchuck is carried out after memorial services at Lake Magdalene Methodist Church MBT Black Friday Ads in Tampa on Wednesday Final journey: The hearse leaves after memorial services for 5-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck after an emotional funeral service on WednesdayIn a touching gesture, in the middle of the funeral the congregation blew out a kiss when they heard Phoebe's name.The mourners sang 'You are My Sunshine' and 'Jesus Loves me' while after the service MBT Black Friday Ads her grandmother spoke to reporters holding her other favorite toy doll, Lucy.'She loved rainbows and butterflies, puppies and cats,' said Michele Jonchuck.'She was happy and always wanted to be a dancer. She loved arts and crafts. There aren't enough words to describe how this child brought so much happiness to people.'Asked to talk about her son, Michelle MBT Black Friday Ads said that she fears her son will never be able to explain what he did. Horror: John Jonchuck is accused of throwing his daughter of theA?Dick Misener Bridge (right) in St. Petersburg last Thursday Tribute: A memorial has been set up in honor of the late Phoebe Jonchuck, 5, on the south side of the Dick Misener MBT Black Friday Ads Bridge near the north end toll booths of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fury: Phoebe's grandmother, Michelle Jonchuck said last week that she wished her son had killed himself instead of his little girl'The child loved her daddy,' she said. 'And her daddy was never mean to her. He adored her. Why he did it is a question MBT Black Friday Ads that maybe one day will be answered, or it never will.''Obviously, there was something that snapped,' she added according to People.'I have to forgive him, because I'll never go to heaven if I don't forgive him. I'm not happy with him. Everybody has to forgive each other's trespasses. I never imagined that this would happen.'The Blount & MBT Black Friday Ads Curry Funeral Home in Carrollwood covered the costs of the funeral and Phoebe was buried soon after.'Phoebe did have a good life,' said Michelle. 'She's an angel up there, and she'll never leave us.'A? Read more: Pastor urges forgiveness at funeral for 5-year-old PhoebeA?Jonchuck | Tampa Bay Times Touching gesture at Tampa funeral of murdered 5-year-old Phoebe MBT Black Friday Ads - WFLA News Channel 8 Phoebe Jonchuck Is Laid to Rest with an Emotional Tribute - Crime & Courts, Murder, True Crime : People.com .